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39/4, Soi Attha Kravi 1, Sukhumvit soi 26, 10110, Bangkok.

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Who are we?

For your Bangkok Brunch or food delivery, Bangkok Grandma Kitchen offers slow-cooked Mediterranean dishes cooked with love and passion. We focus on French, Spanish, and Moroccan dishes that take time to cook and require the skills and experience of “Grandma” to get the taste and feel of the food just right.

Our aim is to democratize slow cooked French and Spanish dishes in Bangkok by making them accessible to all and to all budgets, while maintaining the authenticity of the dishes and using the best quality ingredients. These dishes represent the family values of sharing food together in a warm and social atmosphere.

Our main objective is to introduce Thai people to Mediterranean cuisine. We offer Mediterranean dishes, cooked with love and passion. French (Ratatouille, Tartiflette), Spanish (Paella) and Moroccan (Couscous) slow cooked dishes with high quality (imported) ingredients that take time to cook and require “grandma’s” skills and experience to get the taste and most importantly the feel right.

Paella Bangkok

Bangkok Brunch

All our dishes are cooked with love and passion. Our policy is to make them accessible to Bangkok for all budgets. Our main mission is to democratize French and Spanish cuisine in Asia, but we also aim to make you feel like a child again with our family Sunday Bangkok brunches.

Our restaurant is in The Secret Garden, the ideal venue for your Bangkok Brunch. We offer a private chef experience in a private location in the centre of Bangkok. Reconnect with nature, enjoy delicious food and lots of fun activities in our private nature-friendly location.

Bangkok Brunch

Cooking class and catering services

We also offer you the opportunity to not only taste these amazing dishes, but to learn how to prepare them yourself. We offer cooking classes so you can enjoy creating these delicious dishes just as we enjoy preparing them for you.

Book your Secret Garden experience with us and let us cater for your needs. Or book a day with us so that we can teach you individually how to prepare these dishes.

Here at Bangkok Grandma Kitchen, we are ready to serve you. Take advantage of our catering services to ensure your event has the best Mediterranean dishes to satisfy your hungry guests. We can serve groups of up to 60 people.

We also offer venues where you can hold your events, such as your Bangkok Brunch or your kids birthday parties and where we will also be your caterer. Just call or email us for a quote.

Cooking class Bangkok

Our Grandma cooking experience

The recipes used in our kitchen have been handed down to us by our 86-year-old grandmother who still lives in the south of France. She spent most of her life in the kitchen as a professional chef in France and in Spain. She passed on what she had learned during all those years in the kitchen to K. Tanny, who discovered her passion for Mediterranean dishes in 2008.


Two years ago, Tanny also had the privilege of becoming a (young) grandmother, and she is ready to serve food lovers from all over Bangkok with her dishes. The recipes she passes on are full of the best French, Spanish and North African flavors, for your Bangkok Brunch, events and delivery service.

Grandma Kitchen Bangkok

Payment methods

You can pay for our services in several ways.

  • Wise (formerly known as TransferWise) which the best payment method. It is a fast and secure way to transfer money, and also the one with the lowest fees. You can already set up your account by clicking here.
  • Credit card, which may be easier for you, but requires greater fees.
  • Bank transfer is often requested by our customers but requires more steps to set up.
  • Cryptocurrency, and more specifically USDT on ERC20 and BEP20 (Ethereum chain and Binance Smart Chain). Which is also fast and secure. The best is the Binance Smart Chain where fees are very low.

Meet our team

Bangkok Grandma Kitchenteam – at your service!

Paella Bangkok


Senior chef

With more than 20 years experience cooking Mediterranean dishes, in France and in Bangkok, Grandma chef Tanny will trigger the taste of your favorite childhood dishes, with her own special touch.

P' Thip

Assistant Chef

P’ Thip is assisting Tanny in the concoction of the best Mediterranean dishes available in Bangkok. One of the best Grandma in the world and a great asset for our cooking classes!


Customer service

Boy is in charge of customer service, deliveries, client satisfaction, quotations for catering, any anything customer-related at Bangkok Grandma Kitchen!


Event manager

With an event organizer professional background, Ben is here to assist you with the organization of your kid birthday party, wedding, company dinner and animation offered at Bangkk Secret Garden.

With a food catering service for all types of events as well as a delivery service serving the city centre, we do everything we can to make you enjoy foreign food here in Bangkok. As the only ones to offer such a quality service in Bangkok, we would be more than flattered to see you benefit from it.

Paella Bangkok