Churros in Bangkok

Taste our authentic Spanish Churros in Bangkok! Available for delivery, dine in, catering and cooking classes.

Churros Delivery

Enjoy our traditional Churros delivered directly to your doorstep in Bangkok

Churros dine in

Come enjoy our traditional Churros at our green restaurant: Bangkok Secret Garden

Churros catering

Churros catering services available for your event and celebrations in Bangkok

Churross cooking class

Book your Churros cooking class from our Grandma chef Tanny in our secret Garden.

Churros in bangkok

Have another great way of celebrating your special days, birthday parties, outings, gathering or just your simple day with churros from grandma kitchen. Churros is just another excuse to bring people together and share this favorite cuisine among one another, an opportunity for friends, family to see and experience a whole new culture of cuisines in our grandma’s kitchen.

That’s why we recommend you to select and order your favorite churros in Bangkok with various flavors like, strawberry, caramel, coconut cream, sweet delicious Nutella or you can try handmade lemon curd which brings out the real taste in churros. Freshly handcrafted golden crispy baked churros with the touch of perfection, then coated with sugar or cinnamon flavor, and afterwards churros are filled with a various choices of sweet delicious modern in a traditional churros cooking style.

Churros in Bangkok

Traditional Spanish Churros

A very fine and delicious traditional Spanish Churros delicacies that can be consumed among young and adults whenever you feel like it. Traditional Spanish Churros can be used and ordered during birthday parties, outings, gatherings or other special occasions from our grandma kitchen’s to right to your doorstep. Churros originated In Spain to Portugal and this culture made his way all the way to Mexico and conquered the rest of the world with its flavors and consuming style.


It is the ingredients that makes churro very different, rich with flavors and uniqueness that blows everyone away with guests and customers visiting different countries. Coated in sugar are Spanish Churros which are served and delivered a thick dipping chocolate delicious sauce that can be to everyone’s liking and Mexican churros come with various sauces like chocolate, caramel, with whipped cream or just eaten plain for one’s own pleasure.

Traditional Spanish Paella

Churros Dine in and delivery prices


For 1 person
฿ 80
  • for 1 person
  • Home made
  • Freshly cooked
  • Hot & Crispy

* Exc Delivery: let us know your delivery address to confirm the delivery fee


For 2 persons
฿ 160
  • for 2 persons
  • Home made
  • Freshly cooked
  • Hot & Crispy

* Exc Delivery: let us know your delivery address to confirm the delivery fee


For 4 persons
฿ 300
  • For 4 persons
  • Home made
  • Freshly cooked
  • Hot & Crispy

* Exc Delivery: let us know your delivery address to confirm the delivery fee

Order Churros delivery

Start your day fresh, with our freshly made churros which are made and baked freshly to be eaten with love and full of pleasure. We can be flexible to our customers order and that’s why churros can be delivered right to you within no time and that provides us with an opportunity to improve our services and offer our customers extra service for their loyalty as our regular guests.

Traditional Spanish Paella

Churros food catering service

Churros food catering service are suited for any occasion that you want to host and this churros catering will allow you to treat and entertain your guests with different tastes and varieties that will bring smile and happiness on everyone’s faces. That’s why churros catering is most popular and convenient when it comes to a large group of gathering and an idea for an event that is becoming a trend in the city of Bangkok. Churros catering is the best option appealing and a delicious desired cuisine for many.

Traditional Spanish Paella

Churros cooking class

Churros are a very famous dessert and they are very fun to make, fit for any occasions and suited for young and adults and at Churros cooking class will assist you and guide you to make your own crispy golden fried churros in Bangkok. Afterwards will also teach you to prepare the best varieties of sauce like caramel, chocolate, with whipped cream and may also eat it just plain for your own pleasure. We will turn you into a professional churros chef during one of our cooking classes.

Traditional Spanish Paella

Churros Cooking class

Price / pers. Min 5 pers.
฿ 999
  • In our cute green garden
  • Professional & Friendly chef
  • Only fresh ingredients provided
  • Central Bangkok
  • Enjoy the degustation

Churros Catering services

Price per pers. Min 10 pers.
฿ 200
  • Home made
  • Directly at your location
  • Many dip options
  • Ideal for birthday parties
  • Impress your guests

Best Churros in Bangkok

Best Churros in Bangkok are freshly baked and made at our grandma’s kitchen with a nice fragrance that attracts many to its tastes. Best Churros in Bangkok can be recognized by their rich ingredients and flavors sauce that comes along with every order. Grandma’s kitchen is the place to be for your day of churros.

Traditional Spanish Paella

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