Mediterranean Restaurant

Come and enjoy our food and activities at Mediterranean restaurant: Bangkok Secret Garden!

Spanish& French Food

Enjoy our traditional Spanish & French dishes in Bangkok center.

Our Secret Garden

Check our cute green restaurant in a scret Garden in Bangkok center.

Venue activities

Petanque field, Jacuzzi, Virtual reality room and many activities on site.

Kids & pets friendly

Many toys and activities for kids and for pets too! We also have kids and pets 🙂

Bangkok Secret Garden - Mediterranean restaurant

At our Mediterranean restaurant we offer a truly unforgettable fine dining experience, a food venue or a grill restaurant which boasts an impressive interior design offering a truly high-end dining experience. We want to offer you an experience of Mediterranean restaurant just like in biblical times, where King Solomon sent ships between Tarshish in the west and Middle east to exchange jewels, spices, extinct animals and create a fusion of cultures and culinary delights for many people.


The excitement and the intense feeling of happiness will be offered to our guests with ultimate Mediterranean restaurant dining pleasure. With all the modern, green surroundings, which will keep our guests comfortable, with every delicious bite and offering them a fusion of centuries-old food venue cultures.

Mediterranean restaurant Bangkok

Secret garden facilities

Secret garden offers you a unique way of experiencing mediteraneandining with availability of jacuzzi, bar and other relaxing opportunities providing you great entertainment. Secret garden facilities offers Jaccuzzi, Petanque field, Foosball table, bar, Virtual Reality game room and much more. Contact us for details.

Petanque field Bangkok

Secret garden Activities

We invite you to have a fun, joyful magical outing with our secret garden activities, where we will spark you with various fun activities like: cooking classes, cocktail classes, Petanque, Foosball, darts, dog training, sit in a jacuzzi to relax or play games in our VR game room. everything is here designed for your entertainment during your brunch, birthday or dining experience.

Best Brunch Bangkok

Secret garden services

At secret garden services we will assist you in building and designing beautiful practical, functional and inspiring garden services like palles cooking sessions making great Mediterranean dishes, cocktail classes, where you can learn how to make delicious mix drinks, have a barbecue, while relaxing in a jacuzzi or play petanque or games in the VR room.

Wine Brunch Bangkok

Kids birthday venue

Kids birthday venues are far much more fun, where kids can run freely and create chaos without any trouble to the parents. Our VR room is perfectly equipped for the kids to play games, feed dogs here at our venue, help kids have their own cooking classes, where they can make a cake or pancakes. Our birthday venue offers a large space where many activities can be arranged both for young and adults, food and drinks to serve the guests all day long.

Kids birthday party venue

Family brunch venue

Brunch is the most popular meal out there and a perfect combination of breakfast and lunch for our guests. It is a meal which can be served on relaxed mornings and it is loaded up with fresh healthy foods with a lot of various sweet indulgences. Filled with easy and delicious dishes, cuisines and delicacies for friends, family and colleagues served with sweet and savory branches.

family Brunch in Bangkok
Family Brunch Bangkok

Venue for your event

Our venue is perfect for any celebration, with many options, where you can create feast and memories without any worries. Our Venue offers various event activities like cooking sessions, cocktails classes, putang game, VR room and other activities that can keep you entertained. We have here a nice open space for dining with various drinks and beverages and other special effects and activities platforms to take pictures and capture great moments.

event venue Bangkok

Bangkok Secret Garden booking prices

Week-end Brunch

Min Spending
฿ 5000
  • Max 8 Pers
  • Fun activities
  • Family athmosphere
  • Green natural Garden
  • Privatized venue
  • Private chef

Our rates includes the venue privatization, Private chef, VR room, and numerous facilities and fun activities.

Kids birthdays

Price / Kid
฿ 999
  • Min 10 kids
  • Privatized venue
  • Virtual Reality game room
  • Sport contest and fun activities
  • Proffesional animation team
  • Free gifts for the kids

Our rates includes the venue privatization, Private chef, VR room, and numerous facilities and fun activities.


Min Spending
฿ 5000
  • Max 8 Pers
  • Fun Activities
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Green Natural Garden
  • Privatize venue
  • Private chef

Our rates includes the venue privatization, Private chef, VR room, and numerous facilities and fun activities.

Paella private chef venue

You will get to experience a big pan of Paella being cooked and served at our Mediterranean restaurant, creating and preparing for you your own Paella private chef venue festival. At our Mediterranean food venue you will have a great dining experience, where all of the guests can mingle and have fun during their Paella private chef venue. We will tailor this delicious spanish dish to your liking with all the flavours available to us.

Private chef table
Grandma Chef Tanny

Ratatouille private chef venue

This amazing French-stew, which offers a classic cooking style to keep everyone entertained. At Ratatouille private chef venue we have a large volume of late summer vegetables with which we will prepare you a fresh produce Ratatouille dish made from, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini yellow squash and flavourish bell pepper to give more taste to the dish, caramelizing all the vegetables with delicious looking flavor.

private chef restaurant Bangkok

Couscous private chef venue

Rich with flavor, drizzled in olive oil and made from semolina flour durum wheat here at Couscous private chef venue, we will entertain you with unique flavors of couscous. A great traditional Magrebi dish, which is most widely consumed in France and an essential part of Parisian culture. At our Mediterranean restaurant we will introduce you to different couscous styles.

Best Couscous Bangkok

Churros private chef venue

Churro is a delicious Spanish donut, fried snack made from wheat dough, popular around the world in many cultures. Here at Churros private chef venue we will let you experience churros made in various styles and let you create great memories with friends or family members.

Churros in Bangkok

Best Mediterranean food venue in Bangkok

We offer a unique and truly special best Mediterranean food venue in Bangkok to our guests, where professional chefs will prepare and cook high quality cuisines during the event. One of the key motivations of looking forward to the best Mediterranean food venue in Bangkok is the availability of exotic spices and ingredients with which to prepare a delicious dish. That’s why at Mediterranean food venues we provide our services where you can be entertained and spoiled with the best food.

Play Petanque in Bangkok
Best Brunch venue in Bangkok
Petanque court Bangkok
Play foosball table Bangkok
chill Brunch Bangkok
Best Brunch in Bangkok
Petanque Brunch Bangkok


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