Food catering services

Food catering services

French & Spanish food catering services

Spanish & French Food

Enjoy our traditional Spanish & French food catering services in Bangkok.

Kids birthday

Paella and Churros catering services for kids birthday party in Bangkok.

Private full catering

preparation, creation, delivery, and presentation of food for your event.

Weddings & Events

Spanish & French food catering for your events and celerations in Bangkok.

Food catering services

The easy and faster way to assist you in starting your party on time is with food catering services, which offers you the options from various food categories, drinks and other fast deliveries. Food catering services provide you with many options and easy ways to select different meals that can be to your liking without worrying about the limited amount of time you have to start your party.

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Event catering services

The best option from above all is event catering an onsight preparing, cooking and serving services for every kind of occasion, like birthday parties, bachelorette, family gathering, company events or gala’s. We will be able to serve you and your guests with nice and delicious Mediterranean or other popular cuisines and dishes onsight, whether it be tartiflette, couscous, ratatouille or dessert like churros along with various drinks and other beverages during the event catering services.

Event catering Bangkok

Traditional food catering

Food catering services are becoming increasingly demanding and popular and combining it with traditional foods and dishes, which have been passed on through generations making the most proper meal for every occasion. Traditional in nature there can be many traditional foods and dishes found in Bangkok that can offer you great joy with a historic precedent in a national dish, regional cuisines and local delicacies.

Check our best seller catering service: Our infamous giant Spanish Paella!

Paella food catering service

Paella is described as a frying pan in Valencian and we are offering this delicious food catering service in Bangkok as well. Food catering services Paella de marisco simply replaces meat with different kinds of seafood with omits and delicious green vegetables making it appealing for almost everyone young and old. Also another delicious option paella mixta combines meat, seafood ingredients, with delicious beans and of course traditional rice.

Paella catering services

Tartiflette food catering service

Tartiflette is a delicious dish from the Savoy in the French Alps, made with ingredients such as potatoes, reblochon cheese, lardons and onions. This recipe is inspired by the traditional dish called pela: a gratin of potatoes, onions with no cheese. Food catering services will be able to provide various dishes and cuisines from different countries that will offer you various cuisines experiences and culture traditions. 

Tartiflette Catering services

Couscous food catering service

Couscous which looks more like grains, but it is referred to as pasta, which is made with semolina flour from durum wheat, mixed with water. We have different kinds of couscous Moroccan, which is the smallest of couscous, pearl couscous which is about the size of peppercorns and Lebanese couscous making it the largest of all three. Each unique in flavor, style and ingredients offered to our customer by food catering services. Our couscous made from semolina contains mostly carbohydrates but it also contains high levels of protein and fibre with very little fat and no salt.

Couscous catering Bangkok

Ratatouille food catering service

Our Ratatouille food is a classic end-of-summer French stew, which is very fun to make and it contains fresh produce: tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, yellow squash and flavourish bell pepper to give more taste to the dish. Each freshly vegetable is cooked in olive till it becomes properly tender and eventually combines all the ingredients to meld the flavours of Ratatouille. Food catering services prepare Ratatouille with a large volume of late-summer vegetables, which have different cooking times, caramelized all the vegetables until they look delicious and properly dehydrated. Eventually adding all those perfectly roasted veggies to a simmering fresh tomato sauce.

Ratatouille Catering service

Best food catering services in Bangkok

Our food catering services are easier to suit all of your needs, we will be able to deliver your selected meals, cuisines and dishes to anywhere in Bangkok. We can make and order for any large amount of guests and can deliver right to your doorstep on time. Whether you have a special occasion coming up or perhaps you want to treat yourself with a nice delicious cooked meal then we welcome you to our professional caterer that will prepare your desired meal for you. We are at your service in the city of Bangkok. Contact us now to share your catering requirements for your special celebration!

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